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Macarons, cookies and other sweet recipes!

Macarons and Onesies

There are two things I love about winter. Well, there are more than two things but only two of them a relevant to this post! Those two things are as follows: 1. Its cold enough that I can cook whatever I like, whenever I like, for as long as I...
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New Job Brownies

Now I just need to put a little disclaimer in here. I use the word “brownies” very loosely here because, well they aren’t brownies (strictly speaking). Two things led me to bake this treat. Number One: I was intrigued by this post by Bakerella about the strangely named Congo Bars. Basically,...
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Warm Lemon Curd Souffles

Now Donna, I never thought I would say this but while I will always love you with your fail safe and amazing desserts, you have been outdone. I have discovered  The Saint. And of course, I am referring to that paragon of amazing English cooking, Saint Delia. The story goes...
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