Cake recipes I have created or adapted and love!

M&M Meringues

So im on a bit of a meringue roll now! Thanks Daring Bakers! My head has just been filled with all sorts of different meringue combinations. Well, by different combinations, I really mean what different ways can I put chocolate into this recipe. I think I may have a problem....
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The Rice Pudding Wars

I seem to be accruing cooking magazines at an exponential rate. They come home with me, then sit on the coffee table for weeks until they get stacked on top of all the other cooking magazines in random places around the house. Under the desk, on top of books on...
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Chocolate Pear Pudding

So its definitely onesie weather! When its this cold you absolutely need a warm dessert to round off a meal and let your body know its time to wind down to go to bed. And who knows how to make a quick, warm, comforting dessert better than anyone? Nigella does....
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