Gratuitous pictures of chocolate

So I’m cold, I’m tired and I’m having a massive whinge super busy this week. Therefore I’m bringing you a few posts that are a bit of a mish mash of things i’ve been doing over the last few months. On these cold cold winter nights what could warm you up better than a few gratuitous pictures of gooey, melting, rich chocolate. Enjoy!

Marbled milk and dark chocolate. The best of both worlds!

Some of my favourite ingredients. Yes, its a kilo of chocolate and a kilo of cocoa.

Milk chocolate ganache. If its not drizzling down the size, there’s not enough!

Hell, who needs ganache when you can just have melted chocolate?

I feel one step closer to a heart attack just looking at this picture…

Too much chocolate? NEVER!

Who licked the bowl? You need to ask?


mmmmm Lime Syrup Cake

So it seems like ages since I made anything with limes. Or anything with fruit for that matter. I seem to be stuck in a bit of a rut of only eating things from the top of the food pyramid. If its at the top it must be the most important right? Right…

So I was lured into the fruit shop by my guilty conscience, extreme sugar low and the memory of this lovely lady’s lime creation. I was also drawn in by the sight of all those bright green limes winking at me. See! I like fruit. Fruit that is incorporated into cake. I think this is a losing battle…

Time for cake! P.s. this is the first time in my entire life that i’ve ever lined a tin around the edges. Crazy!

Lime cake batter! Woooo! Its so close you could almost lick it… almost…

Yes I have made this cake before, you might remember it from this post. Thank god for the CWA!¬†And limes. Im always thankful for limes. But I wasn’t satisfied with the original recipe. It wasn’t well, limey enough! How could I inject a concentrated shot of lime goodness into this cake?

Two magic words: Lime Syrup.

But first you need to prick the cake all over with a skewer to allow all that lovely syrup to permeate. And by ‘prick’ I mean ‘stab’. See, its a theraputic recipe!

Phwoar! Look at all that tasty syrup ūüėÄ

Drumroll please…


I personally think there’s nothing like a warm lime syrup cake to help you beat the winter chills. You can find the recipe for the cake here. And remember, limes = fruit = good for you. What more incentive do you need?

Lime Syrup Recipe – From Nigella Lawson’s “How to Be a Domestic Goddess”


4 tablespoons lime juice

100g icing sugar


1. Using a small saucepan, dissolve the sugar in the lime juice over a low heat. Thats it!


Chocolate Mousse Cake… mmmmmm…


Now I love chocolate cake as much as the next person. But lately, ive found the usual flour, eggs, cocoa, sugar, butter varieties a little… unsatisfying. I feel a bit like an addict. I need ¬†something more and more chocolaty to get me through the day. Thank god for the Chocolate Mousse Cake!

This cake has been on my “to cook” list for so long that i’d forgotten it was even there. Now, be warned, I use the term ‘cake’ very loosely here. This is more a cross between a rich fudgey devils food cake and a decadent dark chocolate mousse. Not that i’m complaining!

Its important to follow the instructions to the letter. It may seem that 12 mins is not long enough for this cake to cook, but any longer and it might start to burn! Otherwise, its a pretty easy recipe and damn tasty too!

Recipe linked from taste.com here


The Rice Pudding Wars

I seem to be accruing cooking magazines at an exponential rate. They come home with me, then sit on the coffee table for weeks until they get stacked on top of all the other cooking magazines in random places around the house. Under the desk, on top of books on the shelves, under the bed, in the closet… oh dear. I do flip through and ooh and ahh at the pictures thinking how i’d love to try cooking xyz. Somehow, I never seem to get my act together. Until now…

With the sudden chill factor, I couldn’t go past the rice pudding recipe in this month’s Delicious magazine (which I love!). I did think that 1.2 L milk to 1/3 cup rice was a little excessive, but,¬†its Delicious! Who was I to question such authority? Damn right, thats what I was.

I ended up with a very tasty rice soup. Looks a bit like an omelette…

However, I do like my rice pudding more… well… puddingy! So I began to search for a good pudding recipe. Luckily, I didn’t have to look too far! I went straight to the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook and tried their rice pudding. I substituted the cup of skim milk for a cup of cream (If you’re eating rice pudding you cant be worrying about your waistline!) popped it in the oven and crossed my fingers.

Looks good so far, no excessive liquid

Hooray! I can see the rice!

It was so so tasty, and with a little bit of cinnamon on top… mmmmmmm!

Be careful though, keep it stored with the silver foil over the top as it did develop a little bit of a skin. Im not sure if it was the cream substitution, but it still tasted good the next day so a little bit of a skin was no worry. Don’t worry Delicious! I still love you! But AWW did win this round, you’re going to have to pull something pretty special out of the bag next time…

So my lovelies, what is your favourite dessert to warm you up on a cold winters night?

Rice Pudding – From The Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbook


1/2 cup (100g) medium grain rice (I used arborio rice)

2 cups (500ml) full cream milk

250 ml thickened cream (you can use skim milk if you want, but why?)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup (55g) caster sugar


1. Rinse the rice under cold water and spread on the bottom of a shallow, 1 litre baking dish

2. Combine the milk, cream, vanilla and sugar in a saucepan and bring to a boil

3. Pour the hot milk mixture over the rice and mix gently with a fork

4. Cover the dish tightly with silver foil, bake for 1 1/4 hours at 150 degrees celsius


Well Dressed Cupcakes

They broke the mould when the made my grandpa. He was a man who was intensely loving and my moral compass for most of my adolescent and adult life. My grandpa was also the sharpest dressed man i’ve ever known. He was a man who always had several suits already hung up in his wardrobe along with matching shirt, tie and pocket hankie. He had a stack of hats up to my waist (a different one for every possible occasion) and he even changed his shoelaces according to the seasons. According to my Great Auntie, when he had one of his strokes many many years ago, he wouldn’t let my grandma call the ambulance until he had put his shoes on. Of course, you couldn’t go to emergency with bare feet!

He was the strongest person i’ve ever known, serving in World War Two, living through several strokes and caring for himself for the past ten years despite being paralysed down one side of his body and suffering from macular degeneration. All through this, he never left his house without first donning a clean suit with freshly polished shoes and a carefully chosen tie, hankie and hat combination. Even people at the bank and the post office remarked to me about what a gentleman he was and how he never came in without being immaculately dressed. He died last year, and although I remember him every day, I wanted to do something special to remember him. I know he would have loved these.

Some well dressed cupcakes!

He was man enough to wear pink!

Every man looks good in blue

Every man needs a black tie for special occasions.

So thats a little piece of my heart sent out into the universe. These are just a small tribute to a man who genuinely brightened up so many people’s lives.


Tinned Spaghetti and Oreo Balls, my (not so) secret vices…

When the weather is wild and windy and the rain is torrential, all you want is to be warm and dry and eating something hot and comforting. After swimming walking home from work tonight I felt a craving that had been dormant for years. My guilty secret.

Tinned Spaghetti.

I don’t know why I love it, I just do. I love regular spaghetti too, it’s just that sometimes I feel like tinned spaghetti with two slices of white bread slathered in butter. I feel my arteries clogging just typing this.

So I took this photo with the intention of showing how comforting and tasty this meal is. Im not really sure this picture conveys that. It looks more like spaghetti brains…

Now what is a comfort food dinner without comfort food dessert? Enter: Oreo Balls. Ive seen people call these Oreo Truffles, Oreo Bites but really, lets not pretend these are more elegant than they are. Ugly they may be, but AWESOME they also are. Anyone care to correct my syntax? They are also unbelievably easy to make. All you needs is some…

Cream cheese, chocolate and oreos. Really, thats all.

So you take your oreos (there were two packets in the box, you only really need to use one, and that means that you can munch on the other packet while you’re cooking. Yay!). Put them in a snaplock bag and bash them with a rolling pin.

Did I mention that this recipe is not only comforting but extremely theraputic?

Mix the oreo crumbles with the softened cream cheese (250g cream cheese to be precise)

Roll the mixture into balls and refrigerate until they are firm.

Roll them around in the melted chocolate, and wait until they are set. Or you could eat them all warm an gooey…

Now, I will admit that this meal is absolutely and unbelievably unhealthy. Elegant, it is not. Gourmet, it is not. Hit the spot? COMPLETELY. Now that my guilty secret it out in the universe, hopefully I can get you to spill yours! What do you love to eat but are embarrassed to tell anyone about?