Friday Favourites: International Happiness Day

So peeps its International Happiness Day. Did you hear already? If not, there’s still time to get yourself some happiness. In the spirit of the day I thought i’d provide some links to sites that always make me happy. Hint: its mostly


tiny animals



So, without further ado, here are a couple of links to help up your happiness levels

1. This post about tiny animals who have no idea how tiny they are


2. Cute Overload – the biggest source of my procrastination



Messina Milk Bar at the Spectrum Now Festival


I hate waiting in lines. Most often if I turn up somewhere and there is a big line I just turn around and go somewhere else, even if it’s something i’ve been waiting to try. So when it was cold and rainy on Friday afternoon, I figured that it would be the perfect time to take a wander around the Spectrum Now festival currently set up in the Domain. I had had my heart set on sampling some of the nostalgic ice cream chocolate bars at the Messina Milk Bar since seeing them on instagram earlier this week. With ominously dark clouds overhead our quest was rewarded with a mostly empty Domain and no lines at any of the food stalls.


Rumbarrr $6

Hubs tried the Rumbarr which was a homage to the calyppo from our childhood. This was an adult version with caipirinha flavoured sorbet swirled with a mint sorbet. It was sweet and cool and tangy. All the things you want in an iceblock really.


The Bounty Hunter $9

Of course I had to go for a chocolate bar and chose The Bounty Hunter which was a stick of coconut gelato, passionfruit gel and lychee mousse coated in chocolate and coconut.


This was a mouthful of creamy tropical goodness. The chocolate was a nice addition to the smooth coconut gelato and the passionfruit gel was strong in flavour. It got a little bit too much for me by the end and I couldn’t quite finish it but you certainly get your moneys worth. I couldn’t eat dinner after that! As much as I wanted to try some pizza or baos, this icecream left me very satisfied.

The festival is on until 29th March and there are a bunch of other exciting things to do if icecream isn’t quite as important to you as it is to me. For example, if you can, you should definitely get your butt down to the Golden Age Cinema and Bar for some mac n cheese or a screening of Labyrinth. I have to go to uni that night but someone needs to go so that I can live vicariously through them.


You know you want to…


Friday Favourites: The Milo Thickshake That Will Change Your Life

You know that feeling where you’re so tired you actually feel a little bit drunk? Thats how hubs and I were feeling a month and a half ago when we first moved into our new place. This was our first big move together and the first time that I truly regretted being such a damn hoarder. I had no idea that I had accumulated so much in the two years since my last move.


You know you’re obsessed with food when the first boxes that you move are filled with baking equipment…

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High Tea at the Park Hyatt


 I’m pretty sure that there can be no arguments that high tea really is the best.

If you find yourself disagreeing with me, I refer you to the picture above. When else can you gorge on scones with lashings of jam and cream followed by petite desserts and artfully constructed finger sandwiches. When else can you pretend to really be from high society and sip fragrant tea with your pinkie in the air? Ok, so I don’t quite do that but I do love a good cup of tea. And scones. And cakes. And (some) sandwiches. So in January this year, to mark the end of the holidays, mum and I went to sample the high tea of the Sydney Park Hyatt.

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Friday Favourites: All that glitters…

glitter quote

I think that Friday is the day of glitter. Its the last day of the working week so its full of excitement for the weekend which shimmers, just out of reach and its also the most exhausting day of the week because you’ve just slogged through the previous four days. Both very good reasons to wear glitter. A sign of bubbling excitement for the weekend and a flash of joy to get you through that very last day. And really, who doesn’t get a kick out of glitter? If you’re sitting there, shaking your head thinking “no Katie, glitter is for fools” then I think you’re reading the wrong blog. So, without further ado, here is a Favourites post about something that always cheers me up – these fab little gold glitter brogues.



Who could be sad while wearing these babies?

Exactly. No one.

I bought these about a month ago in Target while I was looking in the kids section. Kids shoes to be more precise. I have ridiculously tiny feet which is mostly a blessing because it means that I can sometimes pick up some bargains in the kids section. These shoes are often a bit cheaper and cuter than adults shoes. I take a size 36 European or a 5 1/2 in Australian sizes (or 3 in UK!) which is fun to say and see people’s reactions.


Imagine my excitement when I rifled through the rack and not only found a size large enough for me but found that these (already reasonably priced) shoes were reduced from $25 to $10! All I needed to do was replace the ugly beige laces with these sweet black ribbons and voila! Sparkle brogues for friday.


So how do you lovelies feel about glitter? Fridays?



Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

I love the smell of cake batter in the morning…


so when i’m off to a picnic and bringing a plate, cupcakes are my weapon of choice.

This time I wasn’t content to go with my old faithful mini vanilla cupcakes and vanilla icing. I was itching to try something new and, as is well documented on this blog, I have lemons on the brain. I had just been on a day trip to the Southern Highlands where I picked up another jar of Lemon Curd and needed to use it stat.

IMG_7904So I made these.
Lemon Meringue Cupcakes.

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